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The Bob Rodgers ’56 Reunion and Beer Jacket Collection

The Princetoniana Committee maintains a collection of Reunion and Beer Jackets. Selected jackets are displayed during alumni events, typically in the vitrine in the Frist Campus Center. As physical display of the entire collection is not possible, we present it here, virtually.

The collection owes its origins to Hugh "Bud" Wynne '39 who gathered the first jackets and compiled information on the iconography of the early beer jackets. Under the subsequent leadership of Bob Rodgers '56, the number of jackets in the collection expanded enormously, making the collection much more comprehensive. The beer-jacket logos were photographically reproduced from the original metal stencils now in the collection of the Princeton University Archives at the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library.

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The current curator is John Wriedt '85. Jackets to fill gaps in the collection are actively sought.