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1978 Beer Jacket Decal

Beer Jacket 1978 Decal

Beer Jacket 1978 Decal

Copyright owned by/licensed to Princetoniana Committee. Permissive license.

Decal showing the design of the '78 beer jacket.

The jacket decoration contains the following symbols:

  1. "Cruisin' 78" -- a two-fold reference to both: a) the development of the controversial neutron bomb which could kill people while leaving buildings intact; and b) Aristotle Phillip's senior thesis project wherein he designed a working atomic bomb relying on publicly available information. The University was besieged by a media circus and FBI agents.

  2. Snow Cover -- a nod to the Blizzard of 78 which shut down the University for the better part of a week. (We used this time to bone up on our poker skills at Tiger Inn.)

  3. "Cheshire Tiger" in the lower part of the 8 -- A smiling Jimmy Carter, elected 1976.

  4. Burning Books to Keep Warm -- Our years at Princeton were book-ended by two oil embargoes. Energy conservation was paramount.

  5. Bid vs. Sign-In -- Reference to the ongoing battle between selective and non-selective / all-male vs. co-ed clubs at the time.

  6. Cane -- We won Cane Spree both as freshmen and sophomores.

  7. Basketball -- A nod to the legacy of the basketball Coach Pete Carrill and Princeton's showing in the National Invitational Tournaments (NIT).

  8. Newspaper with "Resigns" Headline -- There were many political resignations during our years at Princeton. Our freshman week began about three weeks after Nixon resigned.

Source: Paul Laud '78