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Architectural Catalog

For Princeton's 250th anniversary in 1996, an elaborate web site was created to provide a comprehensive pictorial catalog of the evolution of the campus. The site included what was at the time a state of the art 3D computer graphics interface that displayed the campus from a bird's eye view. In the intervening years, the site fell into disuse, and the computer graphics engine became obsolete and unusable (More information on the project).

The Princetoniana Committee has, through the kindly efforts of Kevin Perry at OIT, obtained all of the files from this site and has reconstructed it for display in this museum. Eventually we hope to be able to implement a modern 3D computer graphics interface to enable the visitor to "wander around" the campus at a date of his or her choosing. A very basic first step may be seen in this 2D "morph" of campus. We also hope to bring the catalog fully up to date.

Hyperlinks are provided for each building in the Architectural Catalog to the Evolution of the Campus narrative. (Note that only one such link is provided even if a building appears multiple times in the Evolution narrative)