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1964: Lourie-Love Hall

View from south

View from south

Princeton University. Property of the Trustees of Princeton University.

Source: Christine Kitto-Princeton University

Lourie-Love Hall, a south campus dormitory accommodating seventy-eight students, is a monument to the long, close friendship of Donald Bradford Lourie '22 and George Hutchinson Love '22. They were roommates at Exeter and again at Princeton, where Love was manager of the football team and Lourie an All-American quarterback, and both were members of the Senior Council. At the Cannon Exercises of 1922 they were handcuffed together; these handcuffs were put in the cornerstone of Lourie-Love Hall. After graduation they went back home, Lourie to Chicago, where he eventually became chairman of the board of the Quaker Oats Company, Love to Pittsburgh, where he became chairman of the board of the Consolidation Coal Company and then of the Chrysler Corporation. They remained close friends and, on their not infrequent visits to Princeton, almost inseparable companions. Lourie was elected an alumni trustee in 1934, a charter trustee in 1948; Love an alumni trustee in 1954, a charter trustee in 1961. Together they gave the dormitory in 1964.

Source: Leitch p. 292

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