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The Reunion Costume Collection

Welcome to Princetoniana's permanent showcase for Princeton Reunion garb.

The Museum's virtual "gallery space" for such outfits spans two complementary exhibits. One is the Princetoniana Committee's collection of Reunion and Beer Jackets. The other is this photo display of the much less formal outfits that classes typically wear at major reunions prior to their 25th.

This collection is centered on the often zany outfits created for the 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th, worn prior to the issuance of the class's formal Reunion Jacket at their 25th. It also includes costumes of that same ilk that a few classes have created after the issuance of the 25th blazer. It even records “pre-5th” outfits worn by new alumni at their earliest off-year reunions. These include the quirkily minimalist P-rade costumes created by graduating seniors up until the 1980s, when wearing beer jackets or senior jackets became the norm instead.

The collection owes its origin to the hundreds of costume photos posted by alumni in 2020 to the University’s special website for that year’s online-only reunions. Out of that trove of snapshots — Reunions Costumes Across the Decades — the Museum has selected and edited ones that portray a given costume to best advantage. The permanent exhibit aims to display images composed in ways that illustrate the specifics of each outfit most clearly and completely.

Tim Tulenko, '67, Curator

NOTE: Images to fill gaps are actively sought. To contribute, see the Guidelines for Submitting Costume Photos.