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Guidelines for Submitting Costume Photos

Here’s how to organize contributions for possible inclusion in the costume photo collection.

First, have a look at the shots already on display in this exhibit. Then familiarize yourself with the links below, which outline certain standards that the Museum deems most useful for such photos to meet. The goal is to for each image to be composed in a way that most clearly and completely records the design of a specific class outfit.

Next, have a look among your existing reunion snapshots for ones that reflect the Museum’s standards. If you find any that depicts an outfit that’s not yet included in the collection, please send it on in. Ditto any such shot that looks like it might be an even better exemplar than an image that’s already on display.

Then too — regardless of whether any such existing photos turn up — consider doing a little photo shoot of your own! Dress somebody up in whatever current or former costume(s) can be found in classmate closets, then photograph the “model(s)” according to the Museum standards:

Image Technical Criteria


Whom to Include & Exclude

Any such efforts should result in a fairly small batch of candidate photos — presumably less than a dozen. Be selective. At most, the idea is to submit no more than one or two “best shots” per major reunion. And even just a single well-crafted image can be worth sending in on its own.

If you have images you wish to have considered for inclusion in the Museum, please submit this form. The curators will contact you. Many thanks!