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1900 10th Reunion

Joan of Arc

Public Domain - Out of copyright.

Source: “The Decennial Reunion”, The Princeton Alumni Weekly, Vol. X, No. 36, June 15, 1910, p. 614.

“In the pee-rade on Saturday, the Class of 1900, costumed as suffragettes in an importation of gowns from the Rue de la Paix, were the admiration of man and the envy of woman. The cohorts were led by “Bill” Edwards mounted upon a fully accoutered palfrey. He impersonated Joan of Arc, the leading suffragette of her day, and his squire at arms was Bummie Booth, who as Annie Oakley appeared to have just galloped in from Buffalo Bill’s Far West Show to let the girls know she wanted a fair count of the ballot.”

“The crowd seemed to take the demonstration as a joke, but President Wilson caught the idea and referred to the important part women are playing in the world’s affairs” in a speech he made on the Monday of Commencement Week."

Source: PAW, as above.