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1910 4th Reunion
[Baseball players]
{Joint Reunion with '12}

1910 4th Large

Other license. “No known restrictions on publication.” — LC
Source: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Georg Grantham Bain Collection.


“The big classes of 1910 and 1912, who were holding a joint reunion, were in baseball costumes of white with orange and black stockings, the only distinction between the two classes being their class numerals across the front of their shirts. The 1910 locomotive, old “N.H.&T.”, puffed and clanged around the field, looking like the real thing.” *

Source: The Princeton Alumni Weekly, Vol. XIV, No. 36, 6-17-1914, pp, 747-748.

“1910-1912 JOINT REUNION”

“Some ‘joint’!! Whatd’ye think of the idea? Joint costumes, joint band, joint p-rades, everything joint including its character.

“The two Classes walked together in the p-rade to the game on Saturday, gracefully giving way to 1911 when at the last moment that Class refused to walk behind 1912. Two ‘12s and two ‘10s to a file, the Locomotive running down between with T Wilkins at the throttle, we swept around the field ‘midst the thundering cheers of the assembled.”

Source: The Princeton Alumni Weekly, Vol. XIV, No. 36, 6-17-1914, p.760.

[ * “Old ‘N.H.&T.” was the huge float that ‘10 had built for their 3rd Reunion the previous year, when they had dressed as locomotive engineers. It was one of the earliest P-rade floats to be mounted atop an automobile. The initials stood for “Nineteen Hundred & Ten”. Even though the locomotive float didn’t fit in with their new baseball theme for 1914, the class evidently couldn’t resist re-using it then. — Tim Tulenko ‘67 ]