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Celebrating 50 Years of the Katzenjammers

Celebrating 50 Years of the Katzenjammers

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The exhibit pictured above was created by the Princetoniana committee to celebrate 50 years of the Katzenjammers student a capella group. It was displayed in the Frist Campus Center vitrine for Reunions 2023.

To see the individual reflections of Kazenjammers alums, as displayed in the vitrine, click the links below.

Left Cabinet Stories Center Cabinet Stories Right Cabinet Stories

For the more detailed reflections of Katzenjammers founders Mimi Danly '74 and Peter Urquhart '74, click on their names.

A summary history of the Katzenjammers follows.

The early ‘70s were a time of great transformation at Princeton. Out of initial meetings cloaked in secrecy, the nation’s oldest co-ed collegiate a cappella singing group, The Princeton Katzenjammers, was launched at an arch sing in Blair Arch in the fall of ’73. This original group of exceptional singers and musicians started a new a cappella tradition that over the years has shaped and transformed the lives of many Tigers. From the outset, the Katzenjammers have represented the best of Princeton, with a brilliant legacy resonating inside and outside the hallowed halls and arches of Old Nassau.

Known for their amazing musicality and remarkable arrangements, the Katzenjammers have not only left their mark on musical life at Princeton, but also encouraged generations of Princetonians to fully develop and engage their passion for the arts. The Katzenjammers sing everything from Bach to the Beatles with an award-winning repertoire of arrangements by undergraduates in the group. The Katzenjammers have always welcomed singers from all backgrounds, whether first-time singers or classically trained prodigies.

Outside of the musical legacy, the real magic of the Katzenjammers lies in the lifelong friendships and camaraderie forged through the group. The Katzenjammers have always provided a home away from home for their members. The shared memories and joy of singing together transcend decades and created a family, a Katzenfamily, of kindred spirits. Old friendships continue to flourish, while new ones are fostered between generations.

The joy of being part of this fearless and amazing Katzenjammer tradition persists, time after time. Fifty years on, the group continues to thrive and evolve, embracing a new generation of Tigers.