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Henry Burchard Fine House

Date of Commission: 1885

Date of Occupancy: 1889

Date of Destruction: 1915 (Curator's note: not true. House was moved to 291 Nassau Street).

Other Dates in Building's History:

The Fine House was originally located on the south side of Prospect Street where Ivy Club stands today.

1897: Ivy Club moves it to the north side of Prospect Street.

1903: Quadrangle Club purchases the house and moves it to where Tower Club stands today.

1911: Tower Club purchases the Fine House from Quad and uses it as their clubhouse until 1916.

1915: The Fine House is moved off campus when Tower begins construction of its new clubhouse.

Other Agent(s): Tower Club (occupant of); Quadrangle Club (occupant of)

Function: Eating Club; Faculty Residence

Style: Shingle

Henry Burchard Fine House Second Location

Date of Commission: 1897

Date of Occupancy: 1897

Henry Burchard Fine House Third Location

Date of Commission: 1903

Date of Occupancy: 1903