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Frick Chemical Laboratory

Other Names: Chemical Laboratory, Henry Clay Frick Chemical Laboratory

Date of Commission: 1927

Date of Occupancy: 1929

Other Dates in Building's History:

1962: Announcement made to expand Frick.

1964: Extension completed.

1968: A fire occurs causing extensive internal damages.

1974-75: Kresge Foundation gives University a $1.5 million grant to renovate the interior of the building; the auditorium renamed after Sebastian S. Kresge and the exterior left untouched.

1984: DuPont Co. grants money to renovate interior.

Architect(s): Day & Klauder, Philadelphia

Donor(s): Henry Clay Frick

Named for: Henry Clay Frick

Other Agent(s): Matthews Construction Co. (builder of)

Materials: Limestone; Lockatong Argillite

Function: Classroom; Laboratory Spaces; Science Building

Style: Collegiate Gothic

Frick Laboratory 1964 Extension

Date of Commission: 1962

Date of Occupancy: 1964

Architect(s): O'Connor and Kilham

Other Agent(s): Matthews Construction Co. (builder of)

Materials: Stone