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Ivy Hall

Other Names: Ivy Hall Eating Club

Date of Commission: 1846

Date of Occupancy: 1846

Other Dates in Building's History:

1847-54: College's Law School.

1854-71: Camden & Amboy Railroad of DE and Raritan Canal Company 1871: Mrs. J.R. Thompson Swann- 1st benefactor of the Graduate College-- acquired building to use as a library and to house undergraduates.

1879: Students began to eat there, thus Ivy Club formed.

1883: Ivy Club moved to Prospect Street.

1910: Ivy Hall Library disbanded and taken over by Trinity Church.

Architect(s): John Notman, Philadelphia

Donor(s): Richard Stockton Field, Class of 1821

Other Agent(s): Ivy Club (occupant of)

Materials: Brownstone

Function: College's Law School; Eating Club; Library

Style: Gothic