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McCosh Infirmary

Isabella McCosh Infirmary

Object Type: Building

Date of Commission: 1891

Date of Occupancy: 1893

Date of Destruction: 1925

Other Dates in Building's History:

1892: Cornerstone laid at commencement and building "ready for use the following April". (Leitch, Princeton Companion, p. 305)

1899-1900: Annex added "to provide space to take care of students with contagious diseases." (Evans, Postcards, p. 103)

1923: Another annex added.

1925: Demolished and replaced with present infirmary.

Architect(s): Baker & Dallett, Philadelphia ; Louis Carter Baker, Jr., Class of 1880 ; Elijah James Dallet

Donor(s): Trustees, College of New Jersey ; The Sanitary Committee of the Faculty

Named for: Isabella Guthrie McCosh

Materials: Brick; Stone; Wood

Function: Infirmary; Pharmacy; Surgery

Style: Classical Revival; Colonial Revival

Isabella McCosh Infirmary Annex I

Other Names: Isabella McCosh Infirmary Annex for Contagious Diseases

Date of Commission: 1899

Date of Occupancy: 1900

Other Dates in Building's History:

1899: Construction begins.

April 1900: Dedication.

September 1900: Building in use.

October 1903: Attic of main building furnished to accommodate nurses.

Architect(s): Raleigh C. Gildersleeve, New York City

Named for: Isabella Guthrie McCosh

Materials: Brick; Limestone; Slate

Function: Infirmary

New Isabella McCosh Infirmary - McCosh Health Center

Other Names: New Isabella McCosh Infirmary, McCosh Health Center

Date of Commission: 1923

Date of Occupancy: 1925

Other Dates in Building's History:

14 June 1924: Cornerstone laid.

June 1925: Building opened.

Sept 1987: Ladies Auxillary refurbished interior.

Architect(s): Day & Klauder, Philadelphia

Donor(s): Princeton Endowment Fund - Women's Commitee

Named for: Isabella Guthrie McCosh

Materials: Brick; Indiana Limestone; Slate

Function: Infirmary

Style: Collegiate Gothic