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President's House

Date of Commission: 1754

Date of Occupancy: 1756

Other Dates in Building's History:

1754: "President's House [is to be built] of wood." (TM, 25 Sept 1754)

1756-1757: President Burr requests a passage built linking the kitchen to the main house. (PAW, "The Dean's House", 5 Oct 1951)

1758: Robert Smith finishing interior work. (TM, 17 Feb 1758)

1759: Rail fence ordered for yard of President's House. (TM, 6 Sept 1759)

1759: Accounts settled on the President's House. (TM, 9 Sept 1759)

1858: Interior renovations and alterations made, including passage built between kitchen and main house. (PAW, "The Dean's House", 5 Oct 1951)

1868: Bays and front porch with iron pillars added and east wall pierced with windows. (PAW, "The Dean's House", 5 Oct 1951)

1903: Restoration to its' original appearance including addition of front dormer.

Sept 1971: Designated a National Historic Landmark.

1984: Removal of front dormer

Architect(s): Robert Smith

Donor(s): Trustees, College of New Jersey

Materials: Brick

Function: Classroom; Offices; Private Residence; Recitation Room

Style: Georgian