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Tiger Inn

Other Names: "The Sour Balls"

Date of Commission: 1894

Date of Occupancy: 1895

Other Dates in Building's History:

Modeled after an inn in Chelsea, England.

1926-27: Removed west octagonal corner bay window and east octagonal porch. Enlarged veranda.

Architect(s): Aymar Embury II, Class of 1900 ; Howard Crosby Butler, Class of 1892 ; G. Howard Chamberlain, New York City

Donor(s): Alumni Members ; Garret Family

Other Agent(s): Tiger Inn (occupant of)

Materials: Stone; Stucco; Wood

Function: Eating Club

Style: Tudor

Tiger Inn Expansion (Enlarged Veranda, Conical Sections Removed)

Date of Commission: 1926

Date of Occupancy: 1927