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The Princetoniana Pin Collection

The Princetoniana Committee maintains a collection of pins given to alumni during Reunions or Princeton affiliated activities. Pins will be displayed during Reunions, beginning with an exhibit in the vitrine in the Maclean House for 2024.

The collection owes its origins to a class of 1970 member who graciously passed down his 40th reunion pin to the current curator. Because that moment was taken as a beautiful display of Princeton spirit being passed to a younger generation, this project was conceptualized. Katie Panskyy ’17 has since gathered pins across associations, committees, sport teams, eating clubs, and so on in an effort to document each pin’s history. The collection will be expanded each year as pins are re-discovered.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the alumni whose generous contributions have enriched our inventory. Your support helps preserve the legacy of Princeton and ensures that future generations can continue to cherish these symbols of pride and connection.

The current curator is Katie Panskyy ’17.

Note: Pins not documented currently in the collection are actively sought.