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At the beginning

At the beginning

Credit: Petra Swift s76. Princetoniana Museum use only.

Tom Swift, Neil Hauck, and Rob "Ruff" Rider, 76'ers all, meet by chance at a highway scenic view stop on the way to our base camp at the Princeton Hot Springs. Mount Princeton is the highest peak visible in the background.

The Great Class of 1976 decided to undertake a climb of Mount Princeton, Colorado, as part of the run-up to our 40th reunion. It was decided that the best time to do this was at the end of summer in September 2015. At this time of year, mountain weather is least susceptible to storms: either thunderstorms or snowstorms. Most of the climbers arrived in Colorado a day or two beforehand, in order to acclimate to the high altitude and thus reduce the chance of experiencing altitude sickness during the climb.


At the beginning


Undergraduate Class of 1976