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On the way

On the way

Credit: Thomas M. Swift '76. Princetoniana Museum use only.

On the road approaching our base camp at the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort, located in Nathrop Colorado.

Buena Vista is the largest town in proximity to Mt. Princeton, located southwest of Denver and about 150 miles by car from Denver International Airport. The Mount Princeton Hots Springs resort is south of town at an elevation of 8, 250 feet. About one mile from the resort, at 8,500 feet, is the Mt. Princeton trail-head, as well as the start of a very narrow, very rocky, and very steep dirt road. Using 4x4s we test this approach on Thursday afternoon, taking it to the radio tower site at 10,800 feet, our launch point for the climb. Using the 4x4s will shorten the hike by 6 miles round trip. It is, however, not a drive for the faint hearted.


On the way


Undergraduate Class of 1976