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The Last Freshman Beanie?

The Last Freshman Beanie?

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Photo credit: Ernie Dreher '63

Our class was the first not to be issued freshman beanies when we entered in the fall of 1963. I found this to be unacceptable so I obtained two 1962 beanies, possibly from my brother who was in that class. I cut off the 2 on each of the beanies, cut them in half, turned the upper halves of the 2s upside down to make a 3, and glued the doctored number back on the beanies next to the 6s. These are thus the only two 1963 beanies and the last two in existence.

Ernie Dreher '63

Two rituals involving the freshmen class were competing in the cane spree and wearing the “dink”. The former was an inter-class wrestling competition between the freshmen and the sophomores over prized canes, and the latter was the name of a small, usually black, hat decreed to be worn by freshmen at all times to signal to sophomores they were, in fact, freshmen. Sophomores harassed dink-wearing freshmen and punished those not in compliance with arbitrary hazing rituals.

Zachary Bampton '20 and April Armstrong *14, The Mudd Library Blog