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Stags at Bay, directed by Joshua L. Logan '31, was the club's best show in a decade and for years to come, and contained the club's most popular song ever: "East of the Sun."

In a time still caught in Depression, a social satire on high society was welcome - and done with consummate skill. Moreover, three of the most popular Triangle songs of all time - "Will Love Find a Way," "Love and a Dime," and "East of the Sun" (sung by S. D. Johnson '35) - were in Stags at Bay, and all three written by Junior Brooks Bowman '36 [1]. The members unanimously thought that "Will Love Find a Way" was their hit ballad. "East of the Sun" came close to being thrown out of the show; it was recorded only as an afterthought on the flip side of Hal Kemp's arrangement of "Love and a Dime" - and given a slapdash arrangement at that.

Donald Marsden '64

The video is a musical tribute by the then current (2011) women officers of Triangle to Sue-Jean Lee Suettinger ’70, one of the first nine women to receive an undergraduate degree from Princeton and the first woman to perform in Triangle. The video is highlighted by the Class of 1970 for their 50th Reunion.

George Bustin '70

[1] Bowman wrote only the lyric for "Will Love Find a Way;" music was written by Kirkland "Kirk" B. Alexander Jr. '37.