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An Extraordinary Rendition of Old Nassau

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Source: Princeton University

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of 2020 Reunions. With only about two months lead time, Princeton put together a plan for a virtual version of Reunions and the P-rade. We are fortunate that the Glee Club responded with an extraordinarily lovely rendition of Old Nassau.

According to Princeton Director of Choral Activities Gabriel Crouch:

After we got the wonderful news that a Glee Club recording of Old Nassau would be featured at reunions, I reworked our existing arrangement to reflect the virtual medium we were working in; then I simply filmed myself singing and conducting the melody, and sent it around to the Glee Club. In turn they sent in videos of themselves singing the new arrangement as they watched the conducting track, with the wonderful enthusiasm which I have come to expect from our students. Some of them sent in two videos, and one senior soprano sent in three! The visual gimmick at the beginning is ‘manufactured’ of course: I’m pretending to ‘cue’ the singers as the screens pop up in random spots around my head… but it gave me a laugh to put it together. We hope it captures something of the spirit of the song, and of the Glee Club, and of Princeton at the end of the school year.

Princeton Glee Club members participating include:

Allison Spann ‘20 Ben Graham ‘23 Ben Parker ‘20 Cat Sweeney ‘20 Chris Howard ‘20 Emily Della Pietra ‘23 Emily Cruz ‘22 Ilia Curto Pelle ‘22 Iman Lulla ‘21 Ishani Kulkarni ‘22 Jonathan Makepeace ‘20 Katelyn Rodrigues ‘23 Kevin Williams ‘22 Maddy Kushan ‘20 Mari Kawakatsu GS Mariana Corichi Gomez ‘21 Marley Jacobson ‘22 Megan Ormsbee ‘20 Meigan Clark ‘22 Meredith Hooper ‘20 Molly Trueman ‘24 Neel Nagarajan ‘21 Ashwin Mahadevan ‘22 Cecilia Hsu ‘20 Charlie Hemler ‘20 Chloe Horner ‘22 Sean Crites ‘22 Dee-dee Huang ‘20 Frances Mangina ‘22 Haaris Mian ‘23 Joanna Zhang ‘20 Katie Chou ‘23 Catherine Keim ‘23 Halle Mitchell ‘23 Nicholas Allen ‘23 Noel Peng ‘22 Jessica Schreiber ‘20 Liam Seeley ‘23 Siyang Liu ‘21 Natalie Stein ‘22 Timothy Amarell ‘22 TJ Li ‘21 Thomas Jankovic ‘20 Matthew Weatherhead ‘23 Yedoh Kang ‘22 Hannah Bein ‘22 Rupert Peacock ‘24 Anna Dong ‘20 Jean Suttasunthorn ‘23 Michaela Hennebury ‘22 Shruti Venkat ‘23 Tara Shawa ‘22 Jacqueline Pothier ‘22 Sloan Huebner ‘23 Theo Trevisan ‘22 Tim Peterson ‘23 Ty Gardner ‘20 Yang Shao ‘20