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1939: Once Over Lightly

Once Over Lightly Playbill

Once Over Lightly Playbill

Credit: Thomas M. Swift '76. Permissive license.

Playbill from the Triangle Club show of 1938-1939

Note that the father of Princetoniana, Frederic E. Fox '39, was vice president of Triangle and played the part of Peter Minuit, "discoverer of Manhattan Island," in "Once Over LIghtly." The program says that Freddie was also a member of Theatre Intime, on the staff of the Princetonian, a columnist for PAW, a member of Quad, and active in both the Band and the Glee Club.

A scan of the entire playbill of "ONce Over Lightly" along with the playbill, may be found at the Princeton University Archives.