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Firsts 71-77


•Mary St. John Douglas S43 and Susan Savage Speers S50 became the first two female trustees.

•Linda Blackburn ’71, Terrell Nash ’71 and Carla Wilson ’71 became the first black women to graduate from Princeton with undergraduate degrees.

•Women’s Center is founded.

•Princeton created the women’s varsity intercollegiate sports programs. These sports included field hockey, tennis, squash, and crew. The first women’s athletic event was a tennis match against Penn on April 12, 1971.


•The first recipient of the C. Otto von Kienbusch Award (awarded annually to a Princeton senior woman of high scholastic rank who has demonstrated general proficiency in athletics and the qualities of a true sportswoman) was Helena Novakova ’72 in 1972

•First Female National Champion — Wendy Zaharko (women’s squash)


•Women join the ranks of freshman class presidents (Abby Rubenfeld ’75), Pyne Prize recipients (Marsha Levy-Warren ’73), Marshall scholarship winners (Annalyn Swann ’73), Fulbright recipients (Dinah Seiver ’73).


•The Society of Women Engineers is founded by thirteen of the seventeen women majoring in engineering.


•Admissions quotas for women (previously 300 out of 1,100) are abolished.

•Eva Lerner Lam ’76 becomes the first woman elected Sophomore Class President.


•First Ivy women’s champion: women’s basketball


•Tina A. Ravitz ’76 serves as the first female president of The American Whig-Cliosophic Society in the Society’s then 210-year history.

•Commencement features both a woman valedictorian (Cynthia Chase ’75) and salutatorian (Lisa Siegman ’75).

•Sue Perles ’75 (field hockey) was the first Princeton female student athlete to be named a Rhodes Scholar


•Valerie Bell ’77 becomes the first woman elected Senior Class President.