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The Union Jack in Orange and Black



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Source: PAUK

PAUK is the first regional association to start the tradition of creating a pin for its board members, active volunteers, speakers and guests from the University.

“The Union Jack in Orange and Black” pin was created in 2014. Dean Menegas '83, current president of PAUK, and Tamsin Todd Defriez '92, the immediate past president, started working on the pin’s design in 2013. It is an exact replica of the Union Jack, but for the orange and black colours and PAUK lettering. Special care was taken to ensure an exact replication of the proportion of the white colour on the flag. The original Union Flag gives the impression of being symmetrical, however the white lines above and below the diagonal red are of different widths. On the side closer to the flagpole the white lines above the diagonals are wider; on the side farther from the flagpole, the scheme is reversed. Thus, no change will be apparent when rotating the flag 180 degrees.

The pin came to life in 2014. The first pin went to Chris Eisgruber '83, President of Princeton University, when he visited London in April 2014.

Marina Murvanidze Mitchell *98